Water In the Basement

Basement Leaks

Basement leaks not only make life miserable, cause damage to contents producing mold, mildew, and expensive repairs to your structure.  Basement walls should seal out a moderate amount of water, but few will withstand a great deal of water pressure.  If the basement leaks only during heavy rains, this can lead to basement flooding, and the proliferation of mold and mildew.  This not only compromises your house’s structural integrity, it also is a health hazard to you and your family.

Water Coming Down the Wall

Over time, even in new homes, basement foundations give away to the pressures of ground water building up.  Water always seeks out the weakest parts of foundations, what starts out as a leak can eventually lead to full-blown flooding, which can potentially cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs.  Nip your leaking walls in the bud before you have a flooded basement on your hands.

Chronically Flooding Basement

All wet basement problems can be solved but first you must determine the source of the leak.  How do I tell where the water is coming in?  Let’s look at the 6 potential source points: visible floor cracking, wall crack or pipe insertion, window, bulkhead, sill plate, floor wall joint.  Look at these at the start of a rainstorm and keep checking.  If there is more than 1/2″ of water on the entire floor – most likely it is coming from the floor wall joint.

Independent research and testing prove that basement water originates from in front of the footing, as well as from the foundation wall seam.


Our dedicated research and development team has created innovative basement waterproofing solutions such as the Water Boss Sump Basin™, Water Boss Footer Drain™, Baseboard™, and the Floor Grate to keep your basement dry as efficiently as possible.  No matter what the basement water proofing problem, from basement leaks, to sump pump services, and flooding repair, Tri-State Basement Waterproofing has the water proofing solution.

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