Protect Your Home

Standing or running water in your basement causes problems in the best of weather. When temperatures dip below the freezing point, that water turns into ice. Ice expands. Basement walls crack and concrete is compromised. Permanent and expensive damage can result when winter takes over a basement without proper waterproofing. Preventative measures can abate this kind of damage, preserving walls and floors against freezing temperatures and the depredations of ice.

Water Boss Waterproofing’s patent-pending system can help to prevent damage not only from leaking walls and standing water, but from the permanent destruction caused by freezing temperatures and ice that results from an improperly sealed basement. Trusted reinforcement technology shores up basement walls, preserving their integrity against deforming and weakening ice crystals. The Water Boss system ensures proper drainage within a basement, channeling water through the professionally designed drainage system to keep water flowing into a sump basin, and so prevent damage from freezing.

Foresight in the winter can prevent costly repairs in the spring. Contact your local Water Boss dealer for a professional consultation before it’s too late!