Fortress Strap System

kelvarstrap-clearFortress Stabilization Systems’ hybrid grid system is comprised of high tensile strength carbon fiber and kevlar.  The fibers are encapsulated in a thermal set resin and cured in tension.  A peel-ply fabric is adhered to the strap, when removed it leaves a prepared bonding surface for adhesive to a prepared substrate.

Fortress is committed to the R&D of carbon fiber as a structural reinforcement.

Fortress Stabilization is a pioneer in developing products and procedures that will add new life to existing structures.  Fortress tests different products, materials, epoxies and application techniques in order to deliver the strongest, most durable, and versatile structural reinforcements.

Replacing Steel with Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is now a proven popular alternative to steel for reinforcing structural substrates in residential and commercial applications.  Carbon fiber is highly effective at adding tensile strength to concrete.  It is superior to steel since it is stronger, stiffer and non-corrosive.  It also can be bonded to the surface of a concrete structure at any time to stop bowing and cracking.  This allows limitless applications for new construction, repair, retrofit, and seismic upgrades.

Stop this disaster…

Soil pressure can fracture a block or concrete foundation wall causing horizontal and vertical cracks and/or bowing. The foundation must be stabilized to assure that you will retin the full value of your home. A fractured basement wall is serious trouble and a major hamper on the value and sale of your home.Fortress Stabilization Systems has developed a Carbon Fiber/Kevlar™ grid that will halt any further movement of a block or concrete wall. It will do it easily, safely and without any outside excavation. The grid lies flat against the wall and when painted over are hardly noticable. Your wall will NEVER bow or crack again.

…with Fortress Stabilization

The Fortress Carbon Fiber/Kevlar™ Grid System

This unique grid system delivers properties unmatched in the market today.  The patented Fortress grid is the only pre-cured product that is fully encapsulated in epoxy.  Others are simply glued onto the wall and can peel off.  Every hole in the grid allows the outer epoxy to touch the inner epoxy forming an epoxy rivet.  These rivets act as rip stops preventing the grid from peeling off.  In addition it allows visual inspection for resin voids and air pockets.  The grid is very thin allowing it to form around a bowed wall.  Used in conjunction with the vacuum lamination system it is possible to reinforce bowed walls where solid plates would spring off.

  • Cost effective
  • Non obtrusive – lays flat to substrate
  • No destructive attachmentsmade to the floor or ceiling
  • Inclusion of Kevlar™ providesadditional shear strength.
  • Grid is fully encapsulated in epoxy anchoring it in place
  • Able to conform to bowed walls
  • Can be painted for a smooth clean look
  • Quick labor saving installation
  • Vacuum clamping system ensures regulated void-free bond every time
  • The Fortress Clean-Peel™ backing strip provides a clean prepared bonding surface
  • Pre-mixed toughened epoxy