Inforcer Foundation Systems

top_img_howHas your foundation’s structural integrity been compromised? The Inforcer Foundation System™ is a cost-effective and permanent solution and will put an end to any future wall movement.

  1. how_inforcer_2imgsA structural steel I-beam is vertically placed against the foundation wall. Spacing between beams is determined by engineered data.
  2.  Top steel bracket is bolted to wood joists with a screw assembly unit.
  3.  A torque wrench is used to tighten bolt at top of beam, transferring pressure to wall.
  4.  Holes are drilled into concrete footing where steel floor bracket is anchored into place.
  5.  Bottom screw assembly unit is tightened against bottom of beam transferring pressure to wall.
  6.  The ground beside the foundation is excavated, alleviating soil pressure against wall. This allows the wall to move back into place.

Once securely in place, the Inforcer™ will prevent any additional bowing or bulging of the wall.

inforcer how it works