PolyDrain uses air-gap technology to significantly increase water drainage and replacement of the foundation floor at the original thickness. Polydrain maintains a 5/8î air gap between the footer and the replacement slab. PolyDrain is laid directly onto the footer and extends over the drain system. Eliminating gravel on the footer boosts water flow by removing resistance. By extending PolyDrain up the wall, the weep holes are protected and any moisture from the foundation wall is channeled into the drainage system. PolyDrain is made from Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) thermoplastic, and can be bent and folded as needed with no cracking.


  • Eliminates sweating of concrete
  • Allows thicker replacement floor
  • Excellent for thin floors and high footers
  • Heavy duty construction grade material
  • 2′ X 100′ Rolls Black or 2′ X 100′ Rolls Gray