Fixing a basement is not a do-it-yourself project.  It takes hard work and a lot of specialized tools.  You have to have the right tool for the job you’re doing.  That’s where the Water Boss Baseboard™ system comes in.

Often, with a monolithic floor configuration you cannot install a footer drain system into the floor.  For example, if you cut half the sole of your shoe off from top to bottom, you would have a very difficult time standing up in that pair of shoes.  The same goes for your basement wall, if the footer is cut off beside your wall, it will have a difficult time standing straight from now on.  Because of these concerns, we have developed the Water Boss Baseboard™ system.  By drilling a small hole into every core of the block wall, we can relieve the hydrostatic pressure off the block wall and drain it into the Water Boss Baseboard™ while blending in with the decor already in the basement.

The Water Boss Baseboard™ system is made of a durable plastic that is adhered to the concrete floor using an epoxy system.  When installed by trained professionals, the Water Boss Baseboard™ system will assure you a nice, dry basement.

The Water Boss Baseboard™ system is the perfect solution to a water problem in certain specific floor configurations, as long as there are no leaking floor cracks or holes in the middle of the floor.