Water Boss Footer Drain™

After years of being in the waterproofing business, we have developed our unique, Water Boss Footer Drain™ system.  The footer drain system has been designed to take up where the other systems leave off.  Other systems have holes or slits on the bottom or bottom sides; while these types of systems catch the water, they also are very inefficient in getting the water to the drain source. That is where the Water Boss Footer Drain™ system excels.

With inlet holes strategically placed on the upper and lower sides of the system, we have developed a way for the water to enter the system evenly. With the drain valley inside of our system, we have achieved a more even flow of water into the Water Boss Sump Basin™.

The Water Boss Footer Drain™ system eliminates the need for different sizes of track systems to accommodate the varying footer configurations and defeats the open-top “one-size-fits-all” guard systems.

Your “Peace of Mind” Water Boss Footer Drain™ system will be designed and engineered by a Basement Waterproofing Technician and installed by a fully trained Basement Waterproofing Installation Team.